Elvis and Anabelle

Friday, March 9th, 2012 by Rachel

I like Lifetime movies. I have no shame in my love of Lifetime movies. But today I watched a movie on Lifetime Movie Network that was sooo much better than a Lifetime movie. This movie is proof that you should not turn your nose up at something just because of the channel it is on. Yeah, I’m saying it. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that jazz.


Elvis and Anabelle is one of the best romance movies I’ve seen in a while. I was a little turned off by the opening scene of embalming, simply because the last undertaker movie I watched (After Life) really rubbed me the wrong way. I actually paused it and told myself, “Power through; maybe this character will make it worthwhile.” He did. I had no problems once I got past the opening scene.


This is a movie that brings two misfits together when an undertaker’s son (Max Minghella) saves a beauty queen (Blake Lively). I’m hesitant to bring specifics into this for fear of spoiling things, but this romance is really a modern day fairy tale. Though the problem that eventually brings a rift between them seems a little contrived, the chemistry is there, the love is there, and the kindred spirits are believable, despite their very different attitudes and backgrounds.


I don’t know much about Blake Lively, as I’ve never gotten into Gossip Girl, but we saw her last weekend in a very different role as a Boston drug addict and tramp in The Town. She is definitely a talented actress with a lot of potential in terms of her range. I also want to make sure to point out amazing side characters—Elvis’s dad (played by Joe Mantegna in the best role I’ve EVER seen him in) and Anabelle’s mom (played by Mary Steenburgen, who I mostly know as Ted Danson’s wife, but she is fantastic in every project she takes on).


I’m no expert in terms of cinematography, but I know when I like how something looks. And this movie has some really beautiful scenes in it. The movie becomes progressively lighter (visually and thematically) as it works from beginning to end, and it’s interesting how/when more and more color is introduced. The shots of Elvis’s house and the surrounding area are awesome. This movie makes me want to pack up and go buy a farmhouse in Texas…or maybe just visit sometime.


Two thumbs up for Elvis and Anabelle. Keep an eye out for it if you are wanting a nice, relaxing, surprising movie that covers a lot of thematic ground, from suicide to disability to near death experiences to what happens when a Harold meets a Maude.

Staycation: July 2011

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 by Rachel

Since Derrick had to take a few furlough days, we chose to back them up against Christmas in July Weekend. Once the party was over, in lieu of a traditional vacation, we decided to have a staycation—pretending we are on vacation, but staying in Milledgeville. Using this page over at The Nest as our itinerary, we had a blast on our 3-day long staycation.


Here are some of the highlights:


• Fancy sheets & chocolates on our pillows
• Waking up to fancy coffees and cocoas at Chateau Richmond
• 49 cent movie rentals from Blockbuster: The Social Network, Pirahna, and potato chips
• Fun snacks and drinks: cashews, almonds, cheese & crackers, hot misty cider, wine
• Cooking: fancy broccoli, cheese, and cauliflower frittatas, fancy Greek-leftovers scrambles, and some country-style ribs from Kroger.
• Eating at restaurants that we’ve never been to: Metropolis Café & BoJo’s Boardwalk Café (reviews are on their way!)
• Going to Courson’s Winery—tasting and buying wines
• Watching random-around-the-house DVDs: The Next Karate Kid, Miss March, Seinfeld, the first hour of Kill Bill, etc
• Playing video games: Street Fighter 2, Mario Kart, Left For Dead, the Zelda bulls-eye game
• Spa Time: Mud Masks, Chocolate Masks, Face Peels
• Keeping the computers off, except for the occasional email check, really gave my brain a break!


Things that didn’t quite work out:


• We ignored The Nest’s alarm clock rule and set alarm clocks… only to shut them off and sleep in! We shouldn’t have even bothered with the alarm clocks anyway and should’ve focused on relaxing.
• We didn’t make it on the trolley tour (too early), Old Governor’s Mansion tour, or Andalusia tour (too hot).
• We explored and drove way out in the boonies to find Rocky Creek Park, which is Milledgeville’s supposedly-sandy beach, only to find that it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays! From the closed gate, we couldn’t even check out what the beach looked like.
• Milledgeville is dead on Sundays and Mondays. We drove downtown both days only to find that 90% of all shops were closed. I’d recommend future staycationers plan accordingly and have their staycation later in the week.
• We tried to go to PJ’s Steakhouse on Tuesday at 6 o’clock only to be turned away at the door. Their lights were on, there were cars out front, and there was no hours sign posted. We won’t go back there.


That’s all for now! Check back later this week for Milledgeville restaurant reviews and a shopping review.