Poetry Honors:


2011 Pushcart Prize Nomination, by The Camel Saloon for the poem “Waiting Room”


Click links below to read published poems:


“Death by Holiday.” The Penwood Review. Forthcoming in Spring 2012.


“The Nightgown.” Steam Ticket. Forthcoming.


“Flushing.” Crate Literary Magazine. Volume 8. Spring 2012.


“Cleft Palate.” Full of Crow Poetry. April 2012.


“The First Time I Saw Him Cry.” The Vehicle. Spring 2012.


“Delaware.” Camroc Press Review. 15 Feb. 2012.


“LTC (ret.) Thomas A. Rice.” Project Agent Orange Poetry Blog. 9 Feb. 2012.


“What I Think I Remember About My Childhood.” OVS Magazine. Spring 2012. (print)


“She Pulled Out The Razor.” Stymie Magazine. Volume 5. Issue 1. Winter 2012.


“Invocation.” Atticus Review. Issue 2.3. 17 Jan. 2012.


“Janis Joplin is Tattooed by Lyle Tuttle.” Bare Root Review. Issue 13. Fall 2011.


“Kitsch.” Poetry Quarterly. Fall 2011. (print)


“My Mother-in-Law Cooks.” Toasted Cheese Literary Journal. Volume 11. Issue 4. Dec. 2011.


“Stray Cat.” The Buffalo Creek Review. Issue 2. 14 Nov. 2011.


“Leg Lengthening.” The Camel Saloon. 30 Oct. 2011.


“Pull Out the Dental Records, Sarge” & “Ring Around Her Neck.” kitchen. Issue 8. 27 Oct. 2011.


“Severed Body, Perfect Hair.” Phantom Kangaroo. Issue 12. Oct. 2011.


“October.” The Montucky Review. 16 Sept. 2011.


“Orthodox.” Quantum Poetry Magazine. 6 Sept. 2011.


“Waiting Room.” The Second Hump. Volume II. 3 Sept. 2011.


“Waiting Room.” The Camel Saloon. 21 Aug. 2011.


“Where He Found Pluto.” The Bijou Poetry Review. 12 Aug. 2011.


“Blood pools like parking lot puddles.” Three Line Poetry. Issue 6. 12 Aug. 2011. (print)