Melrose Place – Season Three

Friday, September 30th, 2011 by Rachel

I have finished watching Season Three. At this point I’m over 90 episodes in. That’s at least 67 hours (not including when they have special hour and a half long episodes). I could spend three straight days of no sleep or breaks and only watching Melrose—For some reason, maybe a pacing problem, it seems like it would take a lot longer than that.


I’m now so far into the show that my sense of timelines and plotlines are becoming blurred. I’m sitting here thinking, “was that Season Two? Or Three?” In part due to the blurriness and in part due to the precedent of avoiding plot spoilers that I set in previous entries, I hope to keep my comments general instead of specific. Though Season Three began with a very Billy/Allison-based cliffhanger, I was very disappointed in the direction that they took this season. Their breakup seems contrived and forced. When I complained to Derrick about it, he said, “It’s like they’re jumping the shark by NOT getting them married already.” I completely agree. I feel strung along by this obviously meant to be romance. I used to root for Billy and Allison. Now I just want them to get it over with. Get together, get married and get off the show.


Season One was saved when Heather Locklear joined the show, so I’m the first to admit that Melrose needs to be spiced up every now and then. I was seriously disappointed that they chose to bring in Brooke, played by Kristin Davis (who many of you now know from Sex in the City), to be the “new Amanda”. When she showed up, I seriously had to take a two week hiatus from watching. I couldn’t stomach how they let a brand new, completely random character, screw up the dynamic. I know that good fiction brings us trouble, but I want to like my bad guys, not hate them. She is spoiled, selfish, and manipulative.


You loyal readers (and Melrose fans) know that Dr. Mancini is always my favorite. This season, we got to watch him fall in love with the most appropriate of women, and even though this romance didn’t turn out the way that I hoped, it was nice to see him go from evil to good to evil again.


Season Three brings addiction, blackmail, Vegas, cults, framing, business (someone we know and love buys Shooters!), baby-stealing, failed romances, attempted murders, and lots of sex. And it ended with the biggest cliffhanger yet. I’m dying to see what happens (hint, AT LEAST one major character is going to be killed off), but I knew I needed to write this up before finding out who bites the dust.

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