Melrose Place — Season One

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 by Rachel

We finished Desperate Housewives in late May, and we began to decide what TV show we’d be starting next. Melrose Place seemed like the natural choice. First, Melrose provided the career start for two of our favorite D.H. cast members: Marcia Cross and Doug Savant. Second, the early 90s soap feel seemed like a good predecessor to the drama of Wisteria Lane.


After watching the Desperate Housewives pilot, I immediately knew that this would be a show I couldn’t continue without Derrick. From the Twin Peaksy feel to the sight of Eva Longoria mowing the lawn in a ballgown, I knew that we’d have a good balance of suspense and humor to create a show that would be fun for both of us to watch. But I soon realized that Melrose Place wouldn’t be an activity that brought us together. Melrose Place is, apparently, just for me.


The first season is 31 episodes long, which is insane for a 45 minute long TV show. I lost Derrick after the first five, though he continues to receive updates about the show via my brief synopses. Melrose Place began as a show that didn’t know quite what it wanted to be. Was it a show with a philosophy of trying to be about nothing (::cough cough Seinfeld cough::)? That’s how it felt at first: a boring show about nothing, day to day activities of people who happened to live in the same apartment complex. I powered through only because I was waiting for something to happen, but believe me, I wanted to give up at moments too. Though the first ten to fifteen episodes of the show could have probably been compressed into five, eventually the show picked up the pace. When the characters were FINALLY developed, we began to have the makings of a story, a plot, some conflict. I root for characters like Billy and Allison to get together. I want to see Dr. Mancini’s marriage fall apart.


The show moved from a show without direction to something with the makings of a melodrama primarily with the help of one person, Heather Locklear. Her character, Amanda, will never be someone who I root for. BUT she causes trouble, and that’s exactly what this group of friends needed. As season one ends, Amanda has managed to sink her claws into every single person who lives in Melrose Place, and I imagine her battle to maintain control will be the primary fuel on the fire of Season Two. Though I think Amanda is bordering on psycho, she puts up enough of an air of properness to help build the façade that she is a tolerable human being. It’s fun waiting for her to reveal her true colors.


I will continue to update as I finish each season. Please refrain from providing spoilers in your comments. I will say this before I go… What I hope is that this melodrama becomes even more melodramatic. And my fingers are crossed that someone dies in the pool.

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