Sicko Movies

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 by Rachel

I’m sick and haven’t done much the last few days except for watch movies. Here are the movies and my little mini-reviews.


Super High Me – A documentary about a comedian who stops smoking marijuana for a month and then smokes nonstop for a month. I was much more interested in the comedian stuff (I love comedian-related documentaries like Heckler) than the marijuana stuff, but I’d definitely recommend this for those who are interested in both.


Pitch Black – Radha Mitchell (from The Crazies) and Vin Diesel rock this weird sci-fi movie where the movie is ½ bright and ½ darkness. Fun for a one time watch. I didn’t love the monster look.


Fall Down Dead – Udo Kier is the Picasso Killer. Do not watch this movie unless you are Udo Kier’s number one fan, because the movie has a lot of things wrong with it in terms of script, pacing, performance, etc. Oh, and David Carradine is in it, in quite possibly the worst acting job of his career. You’d think it was his first movie and not his hundredth.


Body of Evidence – An erotic thriller starring Willem Dafoe and Madonna. So so . Too much focus on the erotica and not enough on the courtroom scenes.


Foxy Brown – One of my new favorite movies. I seriously need to get into watching a lot of blaxploitation movies. I think I enjoyed Foxy Brown more than Shaft. Awesome.


Kalifornia – Brad Pitt is a serial killer. He and his girlfriend (Juliette Lewis) decide to go on a ride-along across the country with David Duchovny, who is writing a book on serial killers. Brad Pitt is disgusting and horrible. Don’t watch this movie if you want him to be a good guy. He’ll only get worse.


Married to the Mob – A movie from my childhood. Fun, cheesy, and campy. Two thumbs up.


Her Alibi – Tom Selleck begins this movie with a beard. Thankfully, he shaves it within the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Also, Tom Selleck is the worst clown I’ve ever seen.


Dragnet – Pretty funny stuff. I could’ve used more celebrity cameos though, and I wish that Hugh Hefner had played the magazine tycoon.


Earth Girls Are Easy – Very strange. Is it a musical or not? Is it a comedy, or is it a romance? Will the aliens ever return to their muppet looks? I’m not sure I’ll ever know the answers, but everyone should see this at least once.


Extreme Measures – An okay medical drama. It’s been done before (I’ve seen this same plot in a Millenium episode and I think I’ve read a book with this premise) , but Hugh Grant’s performance was believable and memorable.

Sicko Me

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 by Rachel

sick catI don’t like Michael Moore. I’m not a fan of the way he presents his ideas. That’s just me, and it’s neither here nor there. What does offend me even more than Michael Moore is that when I google “sicko” to try to find a picture for this entry, I only get stuff related to his documentary. That is what I call lamo. Instead of googling “sicko,” I tried “sick cat,” and I found the picture of this book. I’ve never read this, but I’m strangely intrigued by the cover. It look familiar to anyone?


I’ve been out of commission for the past few days, and I’m sorry! Last weekend, Derrick’s friends came up, and this weekend my friends Jessica and Abid came up. While I appreciate the company, I think the general visitor stress plus school just really wore me out. I woke up with a cough on Saturday and just kept getting worse and worse and worse. My symptoms were similar to the “crud” I had around graduation, and I conveniently (per Derrick’s suggestion) saved some antibiotics from that illness. So between the antibiotics, Theraflu, Tylenol, hot tea, and lots of sleep and TV, I am finally feeling human again.


Being sick has its consequences. I missed poetry workshop last night and teaching comp and lit today, and yesterday I had to cancel my first class (classes, with my two sections) of the semester. In my two years at NAU, I only canceled one class due to illness. Here, I’ve already had to cancel in the first two months—and it HAD to be on a day a paper was due. I felt/feel like such a slacker. But as I stood in the bathroom coughing and looking at my bedraggled self in the mirror, I knew that there was no way I would be capable of running a class, let alone drive myself over to campus without coughing my way into a wreck. Barbara Anderson always told me that you can’t worry about if you are sick and need to cancel class. Students need a day off too. I hope the extra couple days helped on their paper (which they should all have in hand tomorrow. I’m crossing my toes). Only three students emailed me with questions. I’m expecting the worst :(