Fright Night

Friday, August 26th, 2011 by Rachel

One week ago, Halloween season began when we drove to our favorite theatre in Greensboro, GA to watch Fright Night in 3D. My apologies for taking so long to write up a review. Honestly, I haven’t known what to write about, because I didn’t want to spoil a single thing about this movie. Fright Night is the best movie I’ve seen all year, including both theatre watches (Scream 4, Horrible Bosses) and movie rentals at home (Pirahna, The Social Network, and many many others—you know how many movies I watch). No sarcasm here. I am completely serious. Fright Night is a movie that I came out of surprised, excited, and elated. I could’ve gone back into the theatre and watched it again immediately.


Here is your brief summary of both the original and remake of Fright Night: A boy realizes that his next door neighbor is a vampire. Pretty basic premise, right? I watched the original Fright Night, starring Chris Sarandon (who many of you know as Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride), one or two Halloweens ago. I’m not sure if I had seen it on TV sometime before then, but it does feel like one of those “familiar’ movies like I must’ve seen it before. This isn’t a horror classic that we own in our collection. Derrick isn’t too fond of it (or 80s vampire movies in general), and I thought that much of the movie was forgettable. Fright Night’s main redeeming quality is that is has one of the greatest final battle scenes out of any scary movie I’ve ever seen, when it breaks out of the scary movie genre and becomes an action movie.


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