Monday, January 30th, 2012 by Rachel

My apologies for my winter blogging absence. I had a very rough end to my last semester at GCSU, filled with grading more quote-less research papers than I’ve ever seen (come on, students; it’s called a research paper for a reason!) and later answering more grade queries/protests than any other semester I’ve taught (grades are not negotiable! All grades are final!). Then I had to deal with wrapping up my personal stuff, correcting my name on my tax-documents, collecting medical records, buying Christmas presents, and watching Law & Order during break time.


Things got a little frantic when we realized around Christmas that we didn’t have a plan for our post-Milledgeville lives. Then at the exact moment in January when we agreed to live with my parents in Greensboro while we regrouped and networked, Derrick found a great job opportunity in the mountains, just where we’d hoped to end up.


I am now a Hendersonville, NC resident. Hendersonville is about 30 minutes south of Asheville, close enough for us to have city life but also far enough away that we can’t get sick of it. Hendersonville is known for hosting the North Carolina Apple Festival every Labor Day weekend. Hendersonville is also known for being a thriving retirement community. We’re centrally located and in a great place for driving to Fletcher, Arden, Flat Rock, Brevard, etc., and I don’t even have to get on the interstate.


So what do I like about Hendersonville so far? This town has sidewalks. It has a Pier-1. Our grocery store has arugula (as well as clearly labeled and priced seafood). People here are very friendly and welcoming. There are lots of restaurants that serve breakfast all day. There are at least five Goodwills in a 20 mile radius of our home (I sense a Saturday shopping spree in our future). I can recycle here without having to get a permit or pay a fee.


Today is Derrick’s first day of work, and therefore my first day at home alone (Where is my Real Housewives of Hendersonville shirt? …well, maybe I need a sweatshirt. I am cold!) I’ll be doing laundry, unpacking, replacing an eyeball on my sock monkey slippers, and resubmitting some rejected poems. It is sunny, and life is good.