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Friday, September 2nd, 2011 by Rachel

This might be a nerdy thing to advertise, but I am proud of it, so I am going to share it. For the first time, I have been featured in a department newsletter because of my recent publications. Here is the link:


The Doer: The Department of English & Rhetoric Newsletter
Issue 13: 1 September 2011


I hope that I have more publication news to report soon. Right now, I am proud to share that I have received three personalized rejection letters in the past two weeks. It’s so good to hear that many of my poems are close to being accepted! I am staying optimistic and re-submitting to different magazines immediately after hearing results. It’s just about finding the right market and home for these poems.


  1. just read your poem–Orthodox–good work–good–just good congrats on your publication news today as well

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