Cajun Salmon Scramble

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 by Rachel

Yesterday, I started craving lunch around 11, much earlier than usual for me. I wanted something lunchy, but I also wanted something breakfasty. I knew I had a salmon packet in the pantry. I’ve never had a salmon scramble, but I had a crab scramble once before, so I wasn’t worried about mixing eggs and seafood. The Tony Chachere’s was a nice all inclusive seasoning that complimented the salmon and the cheese, and I didn’t need to add any salt or pepper.


Cajun Salmon Scramble


2 organic cage-free brown eggs
1 pouch Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon
Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning (The more you sprinkle, the more kick your scramble has)
1 handful Kraft Mexican Four Cheese Mix
Smart Balance Cooking Spray


Spray frying pan with Smart Balance, and preheat to medium. Mix two eggs together in a small bowl with a fork. When pan is warm, pour in two eggs. Scramble. When eggs are almost complete, add salmon, sprinkle with Tony Chachere’s (I added enough that I could see it, but not so much that I turned the eggs red), and scramble frequently for the next few minutes. Add cheese (I waited until the salmon was hot), and scramble till it melts. When cheese is melty, your meal is done. I ate this with a side of a biscuit, but I think it would be delicious on a tortilla.

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