Pescetarian Rachel

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 by Rachel

I eliminated beef from my diet about two years ago, as an easy diet modification to eliminate a possible contributor to my cholesterol levels and weight gain. I switched to turkey or sausage for these kinds of recipes which normally rely on beef. In the past two years, I also began to increase my fish consumption, which I’d never eaten in college or Flagstaff (where there just wasn’t any fish around except for at Red Lobster).


A couple weeks ago, I made some chicken fingers just because we happened to have some in the freezer. It’s an old favorite recipe for the “Ultimate Chicken Fingers”, which uses a batter of Bisquik and Parmasan to add flavor to the chicken. This used to be a staple in our cooking. But once the chicken fingers made their way onto my plate, I just couldn’t stomach it, and I realized that I don’t even like chicken anymore. Chicken has gradually made its way out of my diet over the last few years, and I hadn’t even noticed.


So I got to thinking, what meat am I really eating? I don’t eat beef. I don’t eat chicken. We’ve only bought ground turkey once in the past month for a spaghetti meat sauce, but I ate many of my spaghetti bowls without the meat sauce, simply with butter and parmesan. I enjoy pork, bratwursts and ribs, but I haven’t opted for these meals as regularly now as I used to either. My taste buds and stomach have changed. What does this leave me with? Fish and veggies.


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It’s a tattooed kind of day

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 by Rachel

After the Dragon
by Trevor Howard


Fish had more tattoos
than anybody I ever knew,
and what made it really
interesting was that he
didn’t mind talking about
them at all. He liked people
who liked his tattoos. He
kept saying that we were
going to have to go up to
the D to get me one, but he
warned me that once you get
the first you have to be
planning the next one so
that you wouldn’t leave them
unbalanced. I said that I
couldn’t decide what to get.
I said that a maple leaf
might not be all that bad.
Fish called me a wimp and
said that if I was going to
get something as stupid as
that he wasn’t going to go
up there with me. So I was
off the hook for a little
while until he asked me
again and I muttered something
about an eagle. “Jesus,” he
said, “first it’s a goddamn
maple leaf. Now it’s an
eagle.” He was particular
about tattoos. “What about
a snake,” he said,” snakes
are always good… Or a
dragon…” Fish was really
proud of his dragon tattoo.
It was a genuine Lyle Tuttle
tattoo. He had gotten it in
San Francisco after proving
his sincerity to Mr. Tuttle
by showing him his collection
and telling him that he’d come
all the way from Chicago for
the chance to be tattooed by
Lyle Tuttle. Fish told me that
Lyle Tuttle was the biggest name
there was in the tattoo world.
Peter Fonda had a Lyle Tuttle
tattoo. After the dragon, so
did Fish.