Finishing my first year of MFA

Friday, May 7th, 2010 by Rachel

For all intents and purposes, I’ve finished my first year of my MFA work here at Georgia College. I still need to officially post student grades, but grading is done! This has been one of my easiest semesters to wrap up, primarily because students turned in their big research papers on April 19th instead of during the last week of school or today during their final the way I’ve required in the past. I think I might try to reconfigure the fall semester so it works the same way. Anything that I can do to make my life a little bit easier is a syllabus adjustment worth making.


Can you believe it? I’m HALF WAY THROUGH MY MFA!!! It’s pretty crazy saying that outloud.


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How Derrick and I got Engaged!

Saturday, February 13th, 2010 by Rachel

Derrick and I’d wanted to take a trip—just the two of us—over Christmas break. Since we didn’t have a chance then, we decided to set one up for February 5th. We decided on an overnight trip to Chattanooga. I told Derrick that he could choose an activity. Derrick wanted a fancy dinner, and he spent tons and tons of time researching restaurants. He finally chose the Back Inn Café, located in the Bluff Art District of Chattanooga. I told him that he needed to find a backup restaurant, and he refused. I decided on the Tennessee Aquarium, Ruby Falls, or maybe even both, time allowing.


The 3 ½ hour drive up to Chattanooga was a miserable one. We got a late start (we always do when leaving on vacation). Derrick was acting really anxious, and we had to drive back to the house twice to make sure that the door was locked. On the first time, Derrick grabbed the corkscrew for the bottle of wine we’d packed. On the second time, I had Derrick get me a dry warm fuzzy sweatshirt, so it worked out for the best. It was cold, rainy and foggy through Atlanta. By the time we reached Chattanooga, we were ready to stop the car. The city looked dark and spooky, and the GPS took us on the less attractive side of town. We were very concerned about if the bed and breakfast we’d chosen would be a nice place to stay. Luckily, it was. We arrived around 4:30 at the Mayor’s Mansion Inn—a beautiful three story building. We were greeted at the door by Josh, who showed us around, told us the breakfast menu for the following morning, told us that we could borrow any movies from their video collection if we wanted.


We stayed in the Signal Mountain room on the third floor. Luckily, we didn’t pack too heavily, so carrying bags up the stairs was fine. There was black and white toile from floor to very high ceilings. The bathroom was my favorite color of Kermit green. We were so happy to have such a nice room after the scary drive in. We relaxed and watched some Cash Cab on TV. Derrick had made the dinner reservation for 7. We got dressed up. Derrick wore his suit with his red shirt underneath. I wore my black half sleeve button down shirt, black pants, and my jellyfish necklace that Derrick gave me for my birthday in 07. On the way out, Josh gave us a little directions card to the restaurant from the Inn, but we still managed to get a little lost. The GPS wouldn’t find the restaurant, so we had to navigate the old fashioned way—via map!


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