Commonsense Cholesterol-Free French Toast

Thursday, August 13th, 2009 by Rachel


Today I was preparing to make my famous favorite pasta salad for dinner and blog about it. I opened the fridge, pulled out the mozzarella and was appalled to find a spot of red mold right in the middle of it. RED. I even called Mom & Dad to see if mold could be red. Dad and I had a conversation just yesterday about how often college kids get sick by cutting mold off of bread and cheese and eating around the “safe parts”. As a paranoid food eater, I toss out everything at the first sign of spots, stink, or expiration date. Regardless of what Lars Eighner may have told me about food’s everlasting powers , I am conservative in my decision of what to eat and not to eat. (See here if you haven’t had the chance to read his “Dumpster Diving”; M-ville people: I had a blast when I taught this essay!


As my planned dinner was thrown out the window, I decided to improvise and try to make French toast for the second time. I made it for the first time a week or so ago, and the results were okay, but the meal was not necessarily a success. Last time, I followed the instructions in Cooking: a commonsense guide to a tee. I really enjoy this cookbook because it contains a lot of basic information, like how to cut up a chicken, how to cook an egg over easy—simple stuff that I’ve never necessarily tried but want to do! I recommend adding it to your collection if you’re a mostly beginner cook like me.


So this time, I decided to Rachel-ize the recipe, and it turned out fantastic.


Commonsense Cholesterol-Free French Toast ala RayRay




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