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Monday, August 10th, 2009 by Rachel

Since moving to Georgia, we have had the opportunity to do our fair share of exploring.  We’ve driven through Gray to Macon and back.  We’ve driven around the Eatonton area.


We took a few days vacation to Fripp Island, SC with Derrick’s parents.  We rode around on golf carts, ate some wonderful seafood, watched hermit crab races, played darts, examined alligators from a close but safe distance, and watched beach movies.


We took a ridiculously short trip to Greensboro, NC, during which we got our teeth cleaned, sorted through my bedroom stuff, saw Chris Courtright, Jessica and Kaden, got to paint some of my old bedroom, eat El Mariachi & watch Knowing with my parents.  Last week, we drove out to Harlem, GA to go to the Laurel and Hardy Museum, which was just wonderful!


I wouldn’t quite say I’m the traveling type.  I hate flying.  I have ridiculous car anxiety.  BUT I do like going places/seeing things.  Walking is my preferred mode of transportation, but I’ll settle for a car ride if I have to.  This limits my exploring in a way, but I feel that it also gives me the opportunity to develop a deep appreciation for this region.



So here are some places that I want to go while living in Georgia:



I’ve already been to Disney World and Dolly Wood (and of course I’ve been to my Grandma’s house!) but I want to experience these place as an adult, in addition to sharing the experience with Derrick and whoever else comes along.


I’m not quite sure this list is finished, but it seems like a good start to me.  If anyone has any ideas for places that might be up my alley, send ‘em along!


  1. It’s official: You need to adopt me so I can play with your American Girl dolls and go to the GWTW museum with you.

  2. Karla–You can take my place in doing those two things :D

  3. Cool. Thanks, Derrick! ;)

  4. You better let me come play with you at Graceland and Tunica!!

    And Savannah is pretty much one of the best places in the world. As is Dollywood. And Myrtle Beach.

  5. Hey, if you go to Savannah, pick me up something from the Paula Deen store!

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